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The Dirty Decorating Dozen

Decorating mistakes happen to the best of us – even professionals. But, as with so many adventures, live and learn – and don’t repeat those blunders, take it from us!

What are the biggest rookie mistakes that are all too common? Julia Millay Walsh recounts a dozen decorating mistakes in this article, and offers tips to new decorators on how to avoid them.






“Don’t hang your wall artwork too high, or your light fixtures too low,” she advises. “Measure everything, don’t over accessorize and always try before you buy.”

Her complete list of mistakes to avoid includes:

  1. Hanging Artwork Too High
  2. Hanging Light Fixtures Too Low
  3. Painting Without a Plan
  4. Floating Your Rugs
  5. Not Trying Before You Buy
  6. Not Measuring
  7. Curtains That are Too Short
  8. Buying Furniture in Sets
  9. Using a Single Design Style
  10. Over-Accessorizing
  11. Failing to Consider Traffic Flow
  12. Omitting Wall Art

While we are all beginner decorators at some point, tips from those who have been there will make your experience easier and more fun. Don’t be afraid to make that mistake, but a bit of advice from veteran decorators can go a long way for you!

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